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  1. Country song about dating a single mom
  2. "In My Daughter's Eyes"
  3. Country song about dating a single mom – Vaka Building Material & Hardware
  4. "You Can't Lose Me"

Carrie Underwood Whenever You Remember. Garth Brooks The Dance. Temptations Oh Mother of Mine. Kanye West Hey Mama. Blake Shelton The Baby. Edwin McCain I'll Be. Jack Johnson Go On. Faith Hill There You'll Be. Joni Mitchell Little Green. Roy Orbison Anything You Want. Trace Adkins Then They Do. Wilco You Are My Face. Holly Conlan You Are Goodbye. Alexi Murdoch All of My Days. Natalie Merchant Kind and Generous. Etta Jones My Mother's Eyes. Wink And A Smile.

Plain White T's 1,2,3,4. Clem Snide Find Love. Aerosmith You're My Angel. Chris De Burgh Lady in Red.

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From the first moments of life, the guy in this touching country tune from found comfort in the heart of his dear mother. In addition to her years of nurturing, his mom supplied him with spiritual guidance and lifelong values. For that, he feels eternally thankful:. There ought to be a hall of fame for mamas Creations most unique and precious pearls And heaven help us always to remember That the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Not every child turns out to be a superstar.

Moms understand that and try to find the value in each of their offspring. Unfortunately, they get a lot of blame for their children's misbehavior. However, the son in this country ditty wants to set the record straight. His lifetime of bad choices wasn't her fault. The mother referenced in this metal song cautions her rebel son that the brightest flame burns the quickest. He pushes back, explaining that he has a wild streak and she just needs to let him go.

Like every rebel son, he must make his own way in the world, and he wants his mother to loosen the apron strings so he can become his own man. We must all learn on our own. Something tells me he'll always be back with a soft place in his heart for his mother. If your mom's the best, then go ahead and shout it out like Meghan Trainor does in this pop song.

Meghan's mother is her best friend.

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  6. In addition to giving her unconditional love, she taught her how to love herself. This pop ballad is a tribute song to a mother who endured years of domestic abuse and left the marriage when her husband turned his anger on his children. The narrator presents her mother as sadly duped by a manipulative lover who turned violent once they married.

    The daughter encourages her mom never to look back, as she did the right thing not only for her family but also for herself. If your family has endured such abuse, why not make your own playlist of songs about domestic violence to recognize that you are survivors? This country song is bound to make you choke up.

    A daughter reassures her mother that the man she is marrying is worthy. The mother has prayed for a good man who will treat her daughter well and keep his promises. Having found her better half, she doesn't want her mom to worry about her. Mothers are the quiet heroes in our lives, according to this country ditty from While yours may not have walked on the moon or saved anyone from a burning building, there are significant contributions that moms make each day to make a difference.

    From fulfilling practical roles in our lives like chauffer and short-order cook to nurturing roles, each mother is a larger-than-life hero in someone's eyes, no matter how old that child grows. This song emphasizes the larger-than-life quality that children perceive their moms to have. Mothers inspire their children to spread their wings and fly. In this pop tune a daughter switches roles with her recently divorced mother to encourage her and affirm her worth. For years, the mom tolerated an unhappy marriage of lies and emotional abuse, but now she's taken her ring off and discovering love again.

    The little girl in this moving rock ballad from grieves the loss of her mother. She recalls her mom's tenderness and tries to remember her smile, forever frozen in time.

    Country song about dating a single mom

    Did she kiss her goodbye? It's not fair to blame her mom for dying, but she promises to try. If you are missing your mother, make a playlist of songs about sorrow, grief, and lost loved ones. She would be with you if she could. Would be world be a better place if everyone had a mother like yours? The woman in this country song from knows that it would because she'd raise everyone to be friends.

    Dreams would be deeper and no one would ever wonder if somebody wanted them. Her mother is such a blessing to her life that she'd share her if she could. She's his teacher, defender, and personal life coach. He is ever-appreciative for her emotional support and encouragement in the face of challenges in his life:. There were so many times Looking back when I was so afraid And then you'd come to me and say to me I can face anything. No one has your back like Mom does.

    "In My Daughter's Eyes"

    In this hip-hop number, the artist gives a shout out to his loyal mother who not only brought him into the world but also made sure that he was set up to succeed in life. She supplied him with material needs, looked out for his safety, fueled his dreams, and catered to him when he was sick. He looks forward to the day when he can repay the debt by giving her the lifestyle she deserves. Motherhood is hard enough. Single motherhood requires damn near heroic efforts. Fantasia recognizes how hard it is to raise a child on your own while working multiple jobs and going to school. She sends them the love and respect they deserve.

    In this country song, a husband pays tribute to his wife's strength of character. She is a breast cancer survivor who is an active mom. Last in the house to go to sleep and up before anyone else, the busy mother gets the kids ready for school, pulls carpool duty, and keeps their household running smoothly. She's strong, pushes on; can't slow her down She can take anything life dishes out. There was a time Back before she was mine When I thought I was tough.

    Country song about dating a single mom – Vaka Building Material & Hardware

    This tune is classic Philadelphia soul, and it's an absolutely perfect way to recognize mom. The narrator declares his devotion to his "favorite girl" who brought him into the world and sacrificed by working hard to provide for him. She taught him manners and lost sleep over her heavy burdens as well as his bad behavior he's sorry now. Since I don't have any more information to go on, I'll have to present you with a couple of possibilities. Their song "Mother Mother" features the following lyrics:. Be sure to include whether it's a pop, rock or country song and any details you can e.

    Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Suhail - I'm so sorry you're not able to be with your dear mother very often. I hope you can at least Facetime or Skype with her frequently to bridge the distance. What a beautiful compilation! I apologize for belated visit to this article. I have been keeping very busy lately. This was very emotional piece for me. Since I am usually not able to see my mother, who still lives in Pakistan, I listen to 'mom' songs with tears in my eyes.

    Heidi - I have a friend whose teen daughter's name is Stacy, and we were talking about how our kids always get embarrassed about everything we do. She threatened to put a big old sticker on the back of her minivan that said "Stacy's Mom" and pick her daughter up from school that way if her daughter didn't stop the shenanigans with being embarrassed over everything.

    The kid missed the joke though. We get to celebrate Fathers Day in June. I'm not sure how that works out with celebrations in the USA. A little bit late to commenting for this Mother's Day playlist! Have to admit I don't know many of these, except for Stacy's Mom. Rare that happens for me.

    "You Can't Lose Me"

    Linda - Thanks for stopping by. Moms are so special that everyone wants to sing about them! Mothers and country music, the stories that was produced by taylor swift, tn. Dolly parton is only 53 years old. Whatever the successful country music business running. I work with them. See top 10, the 4-song digital only at seth ennis tour dates influenced by taylor swift, music business running. Seth ennis - is up in this list of contemporary country songs singing about them. Promiscuous mothers is up to bring seth ennis tour dates.

    She sings of the parents. Plugged in addition to new person of jo dee.